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Super-Glide rink at Panasonic Convention in Munich 02/28/2010

Our German distributor, Niki Warchola, worked with Panasonic Europe, LTD to supply a Super-Glide synthetic ice rink for the Panasonic Convention 2010 held in Munich mid-February.  We're not clear on what they used it for, but the big news was their new HD 3D video products, so we're speculating that they used the synthetic ice rink to get some spectacular skating action video with their new equipment.  There was also the clear tie-in with the Winter Olympics. Look for photos attached to this post soon!

Global Synthetic Ice at Toronto National Home Show 02/19/2010

Our Canadian regional sales manager, Dean Sprung, will have a Global Synthetic Ice on display at Toronto's National Home Show this week from February 19-28th.  He'll be sharing space with Scott Jackson of Sport Court (Barrie, Ontario).  Dean was happy to supply a 16' x 28' Super-Glide rink, which is already set up at the Home Show, ready for you to skate on!

Dean has promised us some photos, too!

Global Synthetic Ice at Expo Alcaldia 02/18/2010

Our Spanish distributor, Garry Bonsall, will have a Global Synthetic Ice display at the Expo Alcadía trade show.  The show is held at the Zaragoza Exposition Center (Feria de Zaragoza) in Zaragoza, Spain on March 2-4, 2010.  The best part?  They will have a small Super-Glide synthetic ice rink set up with a local figure skater skating on it there for all to see!  This should capture a lot of attention.

We expect photos, Garry!

Another Very Satisfied Customer 02/12/2010

Mr. Rick Drover of Newfoundland, Canada contacted our Canadian distributor early in December looking for a small home rink for his children.  Our distributor was left with the impression that this customer had chosen to order a low-end synthetic ice product from one of our competitors, but wanted to follow up a month later to check on their experience. (we not only provide you with the best product, but also the best customer service!)  As it turned out, this customer decided to order Super-Glide directly from Global Synthetic Ice in the US at the last minute, and is very happy with the product!  

Here is Mr. Drover's email response: 

"As you know from our conversation, I was ordering synthetic ice as a Christmas gift for my 2 kids. I had done quite a bit of research and contacted a number of companies the cheapest by far was Xxxxxxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxxxx. However before I intended to give my final commitment to that company , I re-evaluated my decision. I was a little weary ordering from that company because of it's not so professional website and overall lack of exposure. As well, after disecting that companies video, I noticed that the skaters in those videos did not move with the fluidity that I want my son to have. It reminded me a little of how hard he had to work on similar synthetic ice he had skated on 3 years ago.

So, I went back to the table and looked at the Pros and Cons of Super Glide. Pros ... Excellent exposure... i.e. used at the NHL hockey draft, backed by an NHL player etc. As well, I really took notice to how all of the skaters moved with ease on the product. Con's ... cost. I decided to bite the bullet and pay out for what I thought was the better product. So with time running out, I picked up the phone and called the company in the U.S. . I figured that this would be my best bet to get the product on time. Amazingly they shipped it immediately and I received it Dec. 23rd. The kids were ecstatic to say the least.

I am very pleased with the product. I definitely feel that I made the right decision. Within the next couple of years, I plan on expanding the rink considerably and I will certainly keep you in mind.

Rick Drover"

Another win for Global Synthetic Ice!  

Praise from a Pro-skater in the UK 02/02/2010

John Gallagher, our distributor in the UK, had a visitor over the holidays who introduced himself as having once owned a Viking Ice synthetic ice rink. He came with a professional ice skater who actually tried the Super-Glide surface and told them that it was the best synthetic surface he had ever been on! 

John also has a new employee who has worked with Ice-Magic for the past six years.  Even with six years of experience in the industry, he has never seen a surface like Super-Glide and stated that it is far superior to anything else being offered in the UK.

John's company, Wonder Ice, Ltd., specializes in temporary rental synthetic ice rinks, exclusively using Super-Glide synthetic ice.  Wonder Ice had three seasonal rinks set up for the holidays, and they proved very popular this Christmas with two of the venues eager to discuss next Christmas already.  The Wonder Ice synthetic ice rink rental business has proven to be so successful that John is considering franchise options for the future!

First Quarter 2010 Advertising 01/03/2010
Spring 2010 Magazine Layout

Global Synthetic Ice will be continuing advertising in USA Hockey magazine and New England Hockey Journal this quarter.  We are pleased with how advertising in these magazines helps us spread the word about Super-Glide to the people who need to hear it!

To the right is a preview of our latest "Skate Without Limits" ad.

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