Figure Skating on Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

"I loved skating in a warm temperature, usually I'm freezing."

Olympic Figure Skating Champion Oksana Baiul skating on
Super-Glide® skating surface.

  • Edge jumps: Super-Glide® encourages figure skaters to press harder into jumps, resulting in more height on ice.
  • Toe jumps: Super-Glide® teaches figure skaters to place the toe pick correctly for more efficient take-offs.
  • Spins: Super-Glide® enhances spinning, figure skaters will use more strength and focus on better positions, resulting in faster more controlled spins.

Super-Glide® synthetic ice surface challenges figure skaters to refine their spins and erase small technique flaws. Practicing on Super-Glide® boosts figure skaters’ spinning ability. Ultimately, figure skaters overall performance is increased, skaters who aspire to be the best are now training on Super-Glide.

With a home rink from Global Synthetic Ice, time once wasted traveling to ice rinks becomes extra practice hours. Figure skaters save time, money and fuel while enhancing skills.

Unlimited practice time on a Super-Glide® home rink produces instant results. The slowest students are soon the fastest. We have seen these winning improvements time and time again.

"The kids loved skating outdoors, within ½ an hour they were doing Axels, Double Flips, we couldn't get them off. Super-Glide is Amazing."
- Wichita Figure Skating Club 2001

Figure Skating Shows:

With Super-Glide® synthetic ice, you can bring a figure skating show to any location. Set up quickly and easily in shopping malls, public auditoriums, schools, and outdoor settings for stunning shows enjoyed by all!