#1 Synthetic Ice in the World

BEST selling Packages

Synthetic Ice

One Car Garage-Small Basement

15 panels

  • Stick handling
  • Shooting
  • Skating Drills
  • Passing Drills
  • Goalie Game Simulation
  • 1 on 1

synthetic Ice rink

Goalie Training-Skills Pad

16 Panels

  • Body/Save Mechanics
  • Lateral Movement
  • Recoveries
  • Shot Tracking
  • Stick handling
  • Shooting
  • Skating Drills
  • Passing Drills
  • Stamina

Synthetic Ice

Two Car Garage-Large Basement

20 Panels

  • Stick handling
  • Shooting
  • Skating Drills
  • Passing Drills
  • Goalie Game Simulation
  • 1 on 1
  • 2 on 2

BETTER technology

With over 20 years in the game and many successful rinks all over the world, you can trust that you are getting high quality products and best value with Global Synthetic Ice.


Using premium high-quality materials and additives in manufacturing process, we have created optimal grip and glide in each panel. The panels are Self-lubricating meaning that no chemicals need to be added to create an ice-like response thus reducing frequency of blade sharpening.

Eco Friendly

Made from 20% recycled materials
Zero energy consumed
Zero water used

Synthetic ice panels

Connection Points

Our Interlocking Puzzle Piece Has 55 connection points per panel, allowing for proper expansion and contraction of our product in any environment. Maximum Connection points in all directions ensure panels do not pop up or warp in these conditions over time. The connections are precision cut creating a perfectly seamless surface, resembling real ice.


Global Synthetic Ice uses premium high-quality raw materials and additives including UV protection so your rink will not change color and lose its chemical stability over time. This ensures your rink will not warp in outdoor setting and continue to have that ice like glide for years to come.

GSI Family

Our company is fortunate enough to work with all of these amazing people, that we now call FAMILY! 

SKATE without limits...

Hockey Players

Just like any sport, success requires years of practice. Among team sports, hockey has always stood alone due to the expenses of the sport. Depending on your location, rinks are often times inconvenient to get to on non-practice and game days.  For over 20 years, Global Synthetic Ice has offered a more efficient way to practice at home!

Since 2000, Professional hockey players have been training on our Super-Glide products. Global Synthetic Ice has the most off-Ice training facilities using our products all over the world! We customize any rink to fit your space and training needs. Join the Global Synthetic Ice hockey family today.

Figure Skating

Super-Glide synthetic ice surface challenges figure skaters to refine their spins and erase small technique flaws. Practicing on Super-Glide boosts figure skaters’ spinning ability. Ultimately, figure skaters overall performance is increased, skaters who aspire to be the best are now training on Super-Glide.

Edge jumps: Super-Glide® encourages figure skaters to press harder into jumps, resulting in more height on ice.
Toe jumps: Super-Glide teaches figure skaters to place the toe pick correctly for more efficient take-offs.
Spins: Super-Glide on better positions, resulting in faster more controlled spins.   

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